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Portrait for the Orlando play at The Royal Exchange

Orlando- Royal Exchange

This is a very belated post but I went with a friend to see Suranne in Orlando last week. It was absolutely incredible; funny and emotional. I’m guilty and haven’t (yet) read the book by Virginia Woolf but I’m definitely not going to delay it for much longer.

If you’re in the Royal Exchange area before the 22nd of March and are lucky enough to get tickets I cannot recommend it enough to you.


Suranne Jones talks about her role in Orlando 


Suranne Jones in Orlando at the Manchester Royal Exchange

Sally Wainwright


Dear Great Britain, I hope you appreciate that Sally Wainwright is a national fucking treasure.



Lawless (2013) - 1x01 - "Congratulations, Miss Pettitt. It seems you’re going to be the youngest ever female recorder to serve the English court system. Very few of us make it so do me a favor, Lila: shut up.”

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Lawless, a taster episode starring Suranne Jones, has hit series written all over it | Metro News

Some can carry off a judge’s wig and some can’t. On the evidence of Lawless (Sky Living), Suranne…

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Tell me I’m not the only one who wants Gill Murray & Julie Dodson to hook up in season 4?
Puh-lease! This show would thrive on a bit of a lesbian love affair! They’ve already got the chemistry.


Reasons to love Scott & Bailey 

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Scott and Bailey 4 has been recommissioned :) ♥

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